Purging Guidelines

Step 1 : Maintain processing profile for resin in the machine.

Step 2 : Empty the screw and barrel of residual resin.

Step 3 : PurgeMax 40 Packs or 60 Packs

Place PurgeMax packet into hopper followed by purging resin, use layering

alternately if more than one packet is needed.(1)

PurgeMax EZ Double Dose Bottle

Premix Purgemax EZ with purging resin in polybag or container evenly and

pour into the hopper. (1)

Step 4 : Purging process can be done by purging or injection. (2)

Step 5 : Continuous purging until resin appears to be natural.

Step 6 : Once the purging process is completed, resume standard procedure for the next job.

* Repeat Steps 3 to 5 if needed. It is normal to experience a small amount of vapour which may appear during purging process.


Download the Excel Calculation Sheets

Click here to  Download

  1. PurgeMax EZ 40 Packs
    18ml per packet, 40 packets per packing box
  2. PurgeMax EZ 60 Packs
    10ml per packet, 60 packets per packing box
  3. PurgeMax EZ Double Dose Bottle
    Available in 500ml per bottle or 1,000ml per bottle, 12 bottles per packing box

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