PurgeMax is an easy to use and high quality grade purging compound formulated for fast color change and contamination effectively at lower overall costs for purging injection moulding, extrusion and blow moulding machines. It is compatible with most commonly used resin which has the temperature range from 150 °C to 400 °C.

Within the thermoplastic processors, the screw and barrel are extremely important. They ought to be cleaned routinely especially during color or material changes to reduce black specks and contaminations to ensure product quality, and to reduce wastage and prolonging the life of these components when money matters, but the dismantling of these assemblies for cleaning can often be very tedious and time consuming.

Facing the ever increasing challenge of the industry, choosing the right purging compound is very crucial because it plays a key role in balancing the overall costs and revenues streaming from machine downtime, product quality, purging materials cost, human resources required, efficiency rate and wastage.

Our PurgeMax purging compound is carefully formulated based on these factors to help you gain the competitive edge to stay ahead.

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Cost savings 35%-75%
Most of the times purging perception is additional cost to production. This perception is completely a wrong mindset if they are comparing the conventional method of purging resin with the additional of cost during machine downtime plus the material wastage.

Easy to use with toss packet
PURGEMAX is a “perfect design” of easy toss packets into purging barrel compared to purging compound that needs to be heavily weighted.

Non-abrasive, odourless and non-toxic ingredients
The best of PURGEMAX all come with non-abrasive ingredients, non-toxic, odorless that eliminate contamination and harmless to screw and barrel.

We realized many of the purging solutions in the market did offer the key features of having powerful cleaning effect, fast color change, reduce material wastage and machine downtime, however, it comes to our careful formulation whereby PurgeMax is not only aiming the result of purging, but also prolonging the lifetime of machine screw and barrel. Its non-abrasive ingredients that will not harm the screw and barrel regardless the amount of time of purging.

Important Certifications
We certified PURGEMAX with ROHS , EN71 compliance and passed EU Food Accreditation Report.

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  1. PurgeMax 40 Packs
    18ml per packet, 40 packets per packing box
  2. PurgeMax 60 Packs
    10ml per packet, 60 packets per packing box
  3. PurgeMax Double Dose Bottle
    Available in 500ml per bottle or 1,000ml per bottle, 12 bottles per packing box