Purgemax building


Over the years, we have been actively dealing with plastic resin industries, injection molding companies and had been selling other forms of screw and barrel cleaning products. Most of our customers are always hoping for a product that is cost effective, easy to use and all in one solution to their existing purging problems. With our skills and expertise in the field of chemicals and resins industries, we consolidated all the information and had finally developed a product idea that is user friendly, environmental friendly and universal product that is called PURGEMAX®. We manage, control and oversee our own supply chain, from material sourcing and manufacturing based in Penang, Malaysia. Our main distributors in Asia market ranges from Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea, China and had recently expanded to Europe and United States of America market.


PurgeMax is the optimum cleaning compound designed to purge all thermoplastics resins in injection moulding, extrusion and blow moulding applications.

In these thermoplastic processors, the screw and barrel is the most crucial part that impact the production output and product quality. It needs to be cleaned routinely to stay in top condition, and during colour or material changes to eradicate black spots and contaminations, the dismantling of these assemblies for cleaning is the tedious job and time consuming.

With that and together with the ever increasing competitive environment in the modernizing industry, the type of purging compound to use is crucial because it is the key determinant to control the overall machine downtime, time efficiency, product quality, cost control and scrap rates.

01. Our Vision

Our aim in PURGEMAX® is to create awareness to plastic or chemical industries that whenever there is a need of cleaning screw and barrel with the least investment and huge savings, PURGEMAX® is definitely the core answer to solve this problem. We are set apart by a belief that our customers, and their customers, deserve the best purging solution that they can fully depends on. PURGEMAX® is committed to providing high performance cost effective purging solution that meets and exceeds all your purging expectations.

02. Our Mission

To be the leading cost and quality performance purging solution in the worldwide purging needs.